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Steadying the Ship: 10 Tips for Effective Crisis Management

Download the Guide Here There is no greater misconception in the communications field than the idea that all press is good press. Negative press exists—and it poses a profound liability to individuals and organizations across every industry. In today’s digital world,…

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5 tips nonprofits

5 Tips for Nonprofits Looking to Maximize Their Communications Programs

When it comes to marketing and communications, nonprofit organizations are usually asked to do more with less. While nonprofits may have limited budgets for communications programs,  they are mission-critical for the organization’s survival and success. In this short series, Miller Ink…

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Jewish Storytelling Webinar-1A

Jewish Storytelling in the Post-Oct 7th Era: Trends, Tips and Musings

October 7th has transformed Jewish communities across the globe and sparked a global reckoning about the best way to communicate the story of Israel and the Jewish people. Miller Ink CEO Nathan Miller joined forces with two legendary communicators – David…

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Mastering the Pitch

Mastering the Pitch

How to make your pitch matter Standing out from the crowd There’s a fundamental disconnect at the heart of every earned media campaign: reporters can turn only a small fraction of the pitches they receive every day into published articles. Most…

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Miller Ink x Ethos Year-End Communications Webinar-1A

The Art of Year-End Communications: A Workshop for Nonprofits

As we enter December, nonprofit organizations are once again scrambling to craft their year-end appeals. Miller Ink CEO Nathan Miller, Ethos Giving and Ethos Tracking CEO Emily Kane Miller and nonprofit leader Danielle Ames Spivak recently came together for a virtual…

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Navigating the Upside Down

Navigating the Upside Down: A Web Intelligence and Online Disinformation Workshop

The way information is shared and manipulated online has changed dramatically in the last half-decade, reshaping diverse fields from politics to finance to culture. In September, Miller Ink and Koios, an Israeli digital intelligence firm, co-hosted a virtual workshop to share…

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Miller In-Crisis Prevention Webinar-1A

Does Your Organization Have the Right Plans and Policies in Place?

Hacks and leaks. Social media firestorms. Seismic shifts in our economy, social norms, work culture, and modes of communication. When it comes to crisis management, the risks and challenges facing organizations are changing rapidly. So too should their crisis plans and…

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Content and Crises

Content & Crises: A Conversation with Ryan Painter

It’s often said that all publicity is good publicity. However, in 2023, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At least according to Ryan Painter, Miller Ink’s senior strategist and head of content. We recently sat down with Ryan to discuss…

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Miller Ink LA Real Estate Webinar-1A

The State of LA Real Estate: Office Meltdowns and Other 2023 Trends

The Los Angeles commercial real estate market is changing rapidly, and brokers are finding it increasingly challenging to move listings. From the decline of office space to the future of retail property – there is no shortage of big questions looming…

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Journalism to PR

From Journalism to PR: Approaching Crisis Situations from Both Sides of the Coin

What is your professional background? I spent seven years as a political reporter and editor covering Congress and the White House for POLITICO and Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call, with a focus on economic policy areas, including taxes, trade, agriculture, climate change, and…

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