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Compelling Annual Report

Creating Compelling Annual Social Impact Reports

Every year, companies and nonprofits dedicate a considerable amount of time and effort to developing compelling impact reports that showcase the good work they performed the year prior. There’s no sugarcoating it: These reports are a big lift. But, when done…

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PR Strategy

Creating a PR Strategy

A conversation with Miller Ink’s Joey Good on how to create a comprehensive PR strategy What is your professional background? I’ve been working at the intersection of government and communications for about a decade now. I started, when I was 18,…

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3 Pieces of Career Advice

Three Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I’d Been Given in School

The transition from university to the workplace is bumpy for many people. It was for me. In college or graduate school, you are the client. School is set up to serve you—to nurture your interests and your social life, impart knowledge…

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Capturing Your Client's Voice

Capturing Your Client’s Voice in a Quote

Quotes are soundbites. They are the written equivalent of the snappy, insightful clips that make the news after a presidential debate, red carpet event, or championship game. Unlike a lede or body paragraph, they have a uniquely human feel. When you…

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Crowded Media Environment

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Media Environment

In a media landscape that’s constantly shifting, many organizations are left wondering how they can best cut through the noise and tell their story. While many companies feel compelled to join every new platform, this approach could actually compromise their ability…

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Social Media

Does Social Media Matter for Your Campaign?

No matter the goals of your organization’s marketing plan, social media is essential to reaching your audience, driving engagement, and raising awareness of your brand. Content is the driving force behind these efforts. Effective content can help your organization reach its…

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Future of PR

Is the Future of Public Relations Digital?

The rise of social media has transformed nearly every aspect of modern society. From culture to education to business to politics, few modern institutions have remained untouched by the far-reaching influence of these communications platforms. Public relations is no exception. Over…

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Cancel Culture

Is Cancel Culture Inevitable?

Changing social norms and methods of communication have given rise to what many have called “cancel culture,” or society’s tendency to respond to offensive or inappropriate actions of varying severity by mobilizing to demand the resignation, firing, or removal of offending…

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PR Disaster

Five Steps to Recover From a PR Disaster

Originally posted on UpCity It starts suddenly. You’re in the elevator on the way home when you get a Twitter notification. You’re in a meeting at the office when you get a frantic call from your coworker. In a matter of moments,…

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Shoutout LA – Meet Nathan Miller

Originally posted on Shoutout LA We had the good fortune of connecting with Nathan Miller and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Nathan, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?It was 2013. I saw a huge disruption happening in…

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