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Effective Writer

Becoming an Effective Writer

Vice President of Client Services Meira Feinman handles a little bit of everything at Miller Ink. From writing compelling copy to anticipating client needs to managing account teams, few projects at Miller Ink go untouched by her diverse expertise. We recently sat…

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Meaningful Social Impact

The Importance of a Meaningful Social Impact Program

Just a few years ago, social impact work was widely viewed as a “nice to have” for companies. Today, social impact work is increasingly understood to be a “need to have.” As millennial leaders increasingly come into positions of power in…

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Navigating Media Landscape

Navigating a Rapidly Changing Media Landscape

In 2013, Nathan Miller – our founder and CEO – stepped down from his position at the United Nations to start a strategic communications firm in Los Angeles. With a hunch that the media landscape was profoundly shifting, and that strategically integrating old…

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Art of the Op-Ed

The Art of the Op-Ed

Op-eds are a powerful tool for putting a client’s narrative – in their own words – into the pages of a newspaper. But drafting and placing a successful op-ed piece involves a lot more than just putting pen to paper. Successful…

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Digital Marketing Tools

Successfully Implementing Digital Marketing Tools

Over the last decade, the number of digital platforms has skyrocketed. From graphic design to video platforming to customer relations management, programs now exist to streamline nearly every facet of the marketing pipeline. Yet, when Miller Ink develops full-service digital marketing campaigns for…

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Journalism 101

Journalism 101: Jargon, Processes, Styles

On the record, on background, and off the record: It is critical that when on the phone with the reporter about sensitive information, you specify the expectation of the conversation by confirming whether the conversation is “on the record,” “on background,”…

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Mastering Crisis Comms

Mastering Crisis Communications in 5 Simple Steps

The communications landscape has changed profoundly over the last two decades. Declining ad revenues and shrinking newsrooms have caused a paradigm shift in journalism, at the same time that social media platforms have empowered everyone to become their own publisher and…

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Reputation Management

The First Rule of Online Reputation Management

Be proactive You hear a name – for a person, company, or organization – and want to know more. What’s the first thing you do? For most people, the first stop is Google. The results that turn up will fundamentally frame…

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Social Impact

Is Social Impact Here to Stay?

The COVID-19 pandemic created fundamental changes in the way businesses operate. One business trend that has gained momentum over the past two years is corporate social responsibility (CSR), the notion that companies have a responsibility to promote the broader good in…

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6 Things for Attorneys

Six Things Every Attorney Should do When Hiring and Managing a Communications Team

As the CEO of a strategic communications firm in Los Angeles, I frequently work with lawyers. Whether my client is a high-profile individual in the middle of active litigation, a nonprofit engaged in a public education campaign or a large corporation…

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