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What We Believe

What We BelievePublic relations is dead.

In the span of a few years, the environment in which people consume information, share ideas, and form opinions has transformed beyond recognition.

Journalism is shifting seismically. Advertising is becoming more powerful and complicated by the day. Today, anyone can be a publisher, delivering a message digitally to millions across the globe.

Traditional approaches to communications – once siloed into different public relations, advertising, and marketing functions and agencies – are now obsolete.

Miller Ink is designed for this rapidly changing environment.​

We bring together a range of tools and approaches – across earned, owned, and paid media – to architect integrated communications programs tailored to our moment.

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There are a few principles that define and drive our work here at Miller Ink.

We are nimble.

Our core team is supported by a broad network of creatives, strategists, ad specialists, and partners who turn ideas into reality. This gives us the scale, resources, and flexibility to effectively execute any communications program we dream up—whether our client is a small non-profit or a Fortune 500 company.

We invest in relationships for the long term.

Nearly every client that starts with Miller Ink stays with Miller Ink. We work relentlessly to innovate and provide value for our clients. The same goes for our employees, our vendors, and anyone that works with our firm.

We are highly engaged and intensely collaborative.

We go deep with our clients to understand their goals, needs, and unique challenges. At the same time, our project teams leverage the full value of multiple brains and sets of eyes for every account. We pride ourselves on recruiting and cultivating talent from a wide range of fields and backgrounds (including in many places that other PR agencies don’t think to look).

We bring strategies and solutions to the table.

Too often, technologies, fads, and buzzwords are presented as substitutes for strategic thinking. We know better – and always step back to ask: How does our approach advance the client’s goal and reach their audience?

We believe in the enduring power of the right message.

The goal of any message is to move people – and we always invest the time and energy to distill, shape, and refine our client’s message through feedback and engagement with a target audience.

We love what we do.

One of Miller Ink’s core values is positivity. We come to work together united by an infectious enthusiasm for the creative field we have chosen – and the clients whose mission we get to advance.

We are always learning.

We place relentless focus on elevating our approach and training our team to better navigate a rapidly changing media environment. As our industry continues evolving, Miller Ink will keep creating new cutting-edge communication programs and campaigns that cut through the noise, inspire action, and deliver big wins for our clients.