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Miller Ink is a strategic communications and crisis management firm that helps businesses in Denver, Colorado navigate and overcome reputationally damaging situations. Our team works with high-profile individuals and organizations—as well as the attorneys, accountants, and advisors who serve them—to address and mitigate crises. We leverage a global network of partners to implement proactive crisis prevention plans, take immediate action when crisis situations occur, and manage the long-term impacts of crises for clients in Denver and around the world.


Miller Ink’s comprehensive services include crisis prevention plans, social media crisis response strategies, reputation management and recovery programs, proactive communications training, crisis management, stage-by-stage crisis analysis, post-crisis reviews, and more.


Our team brings together top-tier media strategists, world-class digital and research capabilities, a full suite of award-winning creative services, and a wide array of relationships to steer organizations through reputational crises. When businesses, nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, individuals, or other entities in Denver, Colorado, are facing potential damage to their reputation, they trust Miller Ink to help manage the issue and emerge stronger than ever.


We have delivered favorable results for clients facing a range of communications challenges and crises, including high-profile litigation, personal and business disputes, real estate matters, information leaks and hacks, online reputational situations, and beyond.


Miller Ink is known throughout Denver for turning potential public relations crises into positive opportunities for clients to tell their stories, amplify their message, and advance their goals. We think big to deliver for our clients, time and time again.


Why Miller Ink is Denver’s Best Crisis Communications Company


Founder and CEO Nathan Miller is deeply engaged in all facets of Miller Ink’s crisis communications practice—from pursuing proactive PR and conducting media training to negotiating with reporters on deadline and drafting high-impact statements. With more than 15 years of crisis communications experience, Nathan is sought out by business, nonprofit, and government leaders throughout Denver, and around the world, for his counsel and unique ability to deliver.


Before founding Miller Ink in 2013, Nathan was the Director of Speechwriting for Israel’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, serving as a senior communications adviser and the chief speechwriter for Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor. Nathan also served as the policy director of the Homeland Security Advisory Council and as a Goldman Fellow at the Transatlantic Institute, a think tank in Brussels, Belgium.


Nathan founded Miller Ink because he saw the need for a different kind of crisis management firm, built for the rapidly evolving communications environment. Media has undergone a seismic, generational change in the last decade. With the proliferation of social media platforms, for the first time in history, anyone can readily publish content to mass audiences. All that’s required to disseminate messages to the public is a smartphone and an internet connection. This new dynamic creates ample opportunities for organizations to share their messages—but it also creates new avenues for bad actors and malicious campaigns to erode public confidence in their brands. In the 2020s, a viral Twitter thread or TikTok video can cause more harm to clients’ organizations than an above-the-fold story in a national newspaper or a bad review in a leading weekly.


Miller Ink was born in the upside-down world of new media and is uniquely equipped to help organizations understand and navigate this exciting—yet often treacherous—new paradigm. Our team brings together industry-leading media strategists, former investigative reporters, ex-political aides, nonprofit experts, and award-winning creatives to chart a course for our clients through any situation—no matter how challenging or unconventional.


Learn more today about how Miller Ink can help you.


Denver Crisis Management and Public Relations Services


Media Training


  • Everyone has a job to play in crisis responses. We make sure your team members understand your company’s PR playbook and know their unique roles.
  • We teach you and your team to handle calls, texts, and emails from reporters to avoid misspeaking or accidentally revealing sensitive information.
  • We dedicate time to each and every member of your team to create a personalized experience.


Active Crisis Management


  • When the cards are down, Miller Ink should be your first call. Miller Ink has more than a decade of experience managing reputational crises arising from litigation, hacks and data breaches, business disputes, and more.
  • When clients call Miller Ink, we gather all relevant stakeholders for a meeting to take stock of the crisis and suggest a path forward. We assign roles and implement smart strategies to achieve concrete goals.
  • In crisis situations, we do the heavy lifting. Whether that be drafting urgent public statements, facilitating calls with the media, negotiating the parameters of interviews with an organization’s principals, serving as de facto spokespeople, drafting internal communications to staff, deploying our top-notch digital and SEO teams, or conducting opposition research, Miller Ink manages and streamlines all facets of the crisis response trajectory.
  • Miller Ink makes it easy: we handle the tricky situations and let you get back to the work that makes your organization special.


A Suite of Digital and Creative Services


  • Today’s world is digital—and today’s crises increasingly play out across online venues like social media platforms and search engine indices.
  • Miller Ink brings together a suite of digital strategy experts and creatives to provide best-in-class SEO, reputation management, and online sentiment research capabilities. We work to minimize the salience of negative press about our clients while actively promoting stories that highlight the positive work they do in their communities.
  • Our network of creative professionals—from web designers to videographers to animators and everything in between—works to provide the high-impact creative services needed to bolster crisis responses and reputation management efforts. When needed, we quickly build websites, design compelling graphics, and choreograph photo and video shoots to create the visual assets that tell our clients’ stories.


PR Crisis Help and Crisis Communication Company in Denver


The idea that any press is good press is fundamentally misguided. Bad press exists—and it causes real consequences for organizations of all kinds. Bouts of negative press can upend years of methodical brand building and community outreach. Unfavorable stories can sink careful litigation, imperil pending business transactions, shutter restaurants and businesses, and force retirements. There’s often nothing “good” about a hit piece or a slanderous social media campaign.


If you find yourself on the receiving end of bad press, Miller Ink can help. We’ve helped countless organizations overcome PR crises, online and offline, within Denver and around the globe. No matter where you’re located, what industry you work in, where the crisis occurred, or what type of negative media attention you’re receiving, our expert team is ready to help you reclaim your company’s story and take back control of the narrative.


The best way to mitigate and take preemptive action to avoid potentially damaging crisis situations is to connect with a professional strategic communications resource. Miller Ink can help flag issues that could potentially damage your brand and take concrete steps to insulate your reputation from potential fallout. This includes implementing proactive strategies, like building relationships with media and third-party validators; and direct mitigation approaches, like leading quarterly crisis simulations, holding training sessions, and building out a real-time response protocol.


Crises come in all shapes and sizes. They can be ongoing or acute. They can involve individuals, organizations, or institutions. They can reach a resolution in a matter of hours, days, or even months. While crises are diverse in scope and expanse, they all share one common characteristic: when mismanaged, they can profoundly alter the way the public perceives your brand.


Your organization does important work. Whatever your mission, let Miller Ink’s expert team handle the talking so you can stay focused on what matters most—your team, your customers, and your mission.

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