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Navigating the Upside Down: A Web Intelligence and Online Disinformation Workshop

The way information is shared and manipulated online has changed dramatically in the last half-decade, reshaping diverse fields from politics to finance to culture. In September, Miller Ink and Koios, an Israeli digital intelligence firm, co-hosted a virtual workshop to share key insights into how companies and individuals can safeguard their brands, obtain accurate insights, and make real-time decisions in a perilous new digital landscape. 

Miller Ink CEO Nathan Miller sat down with Ella Tkach-Dreazen, the co-founder and CPO of Koios, a web intelligence company that helps clients stay ahead of the curve with real-time analysis and actionable information about online stock and financial manipulation. Ella has a wealth of experience at the highest levels of military intelligence. Prior to co-founding Koios, she served as an intelligence officer in the Israeli Defense Force before joining the office of the Israeli Prime Minister as an operational intelligence and counterterrorism expert. 

During the event, Nathan and Ella discussed the ways that artificial intelligence and the rise of social media and retail investors have created new challenges for publicly traded companies—from online disinformation campaigns designed to erode the value of a given company’s stock to short squeeze campaigns orchestrated on Reddit and Discord that shake companies like GameStop to their core. Nathan and Ella provided their recommendations for how companies can insulate themselves from the reputational and financial risks posed by this new digital ecosystem. 

Watch and share a recording of Navigating the Upside Down: A Web Intelligence and Online Misinformation Workshop here

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